Are you familiar with the fact that the energy we receive comes from the sun? Yes, indeed! And that’s what makes solar panels the best option to extract energy because it relies on the sunlight.

For years, scientists from all over the world have been working on making solar panels cheaper and more efficient. And thus, the systems of solar panels are expanding and getting more popular, and their price is diminishing.

A solar panel is also called a photovoltaic panel. It is a panel made of solar cells. The number of these solar cells in each solar panel goes from 32 up to 96 solar cells.

They are created from crystalline silicon, which is the core element that enables light to be transformed into electrical energy.

Solar panels have a number of benefits on the environment. When you use solar panels, you’re producing clean and renewable electricity from the sun. Not just that, but it is also friendly for your wallet, it does save you money.

Why Should You opt For Solar Panels?

As was mentioned above, solar panels have a number of benefits, not only for the environment but also for the private economy. They are handy and help generate power from natural light.

There are several benefits that solar panels could come up with, and that includes the following:

  • Offers energy
  • Inexhaustible
  • Highly durable
  • Lowers your electricity bills
  • Low maintenance
  • An Eco-friendly option
  • Highly durable
  • Versatile installation
  • Adaptable to different situations
  • Contributes to sustainable development
  • Maximize your grid security
  • Diverse applications
  • Technology development
  • Renewable energy source

When thinking about the future, solar panels are the best option that you can benefit from, because it is reachable as far as the sun is available. Although some scientists are predicting that at least for 5 billion years, the sunlight will be available when the sun dies.

It will also help you decrease your electricity bills. There is no doubt that a lot of you right there suffering from this issue. Solar panels will help you drop your energy bill, not just that, but it will also save you more than what you usually use. The average time to benefit from solar panels when installed at your home is up to 25 years and a guaranteed ten years of warranty.

However, there are some drawbacks to solar panels that we cannot deny, such as space. Solar panels take a lot of space, the more you want to have of them, the more space you’ll need, the thing is that they need to be put in a place that is directed to the sun, so, it can be a little bit challenging. It also can be fairly-high expensive. And most importantly, its efficiency depends on the weather and requires the sun mostly.

How do solar panels function?

If you want to benefit from the precious environment-friendly tool, you will need the following elements:

  • Solar panels
  • An inverter
  • Solar panel mounting structures
  • AC and DC electrical cables
  • An electrical panel that is associated with the appropriate circuit breakers and switches
  • Power meter


There are two categories of solar systems, namely on-grid and off-grid. The difference between the two is, first, if the grid is connected and goes down, the power vanishes, whereas, an off-grid solar power system does not rely on the grid, which means it will work no matter what state the local grid is in.


The second thing is the price of the two. There’s a huge difference when it comes to the price; for instance, if we consider a 5-kilowatt off-grid system, its price would be $50.000, whereas, an on-grid will cost about $10.000.


What to Do to Maximize Solar Panels Efficiency


If you get to this point, it means you’ve got your solar panel installed already! As we said before, solar panels rely on sunny weather, which makes it a little bit hard to deal with, but in this article, we will provide some tips that will come with the help you will need to maximize your solar panel’s efficiency.


  • Install your solar panel in the right angle


The first and crucial thing you can maximize is how your solar panel is installed. If you want to have it fixed, you need to make sure that it is facing the southern sky, so that it can receive enough sun’s rays.

We can say the efficiency of solar panels changes depending on the weather.


  • Keep them cool and stable


Excessive sun’s rays are not good for your solar panels. They do not behave properly when exposed to the heat—their performance lessons when they get very hot. High temperatures can cause solar panels to lose 25% of their efficiency.


So, what you can do is when installing your solar panels, make sure you allow some space for air to go through under the solar panels. You will need to make it at least 4 inches of space underneath the panel.


  • Solar Panels’ Battery Storage and Temperature


Another essential factor of solar panels’ efficiency is battery storage and temperature. Ideally, the batteries should be around 77 degrees Fahrenheit for better performance.

If the temperature is higher than that, the batteries’ efficiency will be shortened. So, make sure the temperature of your batteries is stable and that they are not exposed.


  • Make Sure You Keep Your Solar Panel Washed out


Keeping your solar panel clean is a must. If dust covers the surface of your solar panels, they will become less efficient, which means you need to keep them neat and clean.


Cleaning your solar panel once a year is required and can maximize its efficiency; it may go up to 21%. You don’t want your investment to get harmed, would you?



Investing your money on solar panels is a move you won’t regret. You’d even want to invest in them as much as you can. But you’d also want to take care of them properly. So, we hope this article has come up with some help to you. And we wish you happy purchasing if it has given you the will to have your own solar panel.

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